Top 3 Promising Startups Of 2016 in the World

Last year has been amazing for the entrepreneurs. Many startups have been successful and have stunned the world with their brilliant ideas. Here are the best three promising startups of last year.

BrighTap, Israel

It is a smart water meter sensor that monitors the quality and consumption of water. You can attach this internet-of-things (IOT) meter to any standard water tap, pipe or hose and helps users enjoy the cleaner water while reducing their water bills. This will let the users enjoy clean water and can control their water consumption as will. They will eventually pay lower bills as they will be conscious about the amount of water they will use.

MeetHere, USA

It is an application for choosing a meeting place between colleagues and friends. It uses the GPS tracking feature of smartphones to find out the middle point between any numbers of people who want to meet. It then locates the nearest meeting point. The users can choose various locations like libraries, restaurants or cafes. They can meet for either professional or social purposes.

OneTest Diagnostics, United Kingdom

It is a Cambridge-based biotech company that creates a new way of tracking cancer’s response to therapy. It uses a diagnostic device to find out how a cancer patient is responding to the treatment. Using this test, you won’t need to wait for months to see if the treatment is effective or not. It will also lower the costs associated with the treatment; that is patients won’t have to continue the treatment unnecessarily if it doesn’t have any positive effect on his or her health.

All these startups are very promising, and by having the right resources, they will turn into a big business. These are all unique ideas that will make people’s lives better.