How to Dress for the Job You Want

business attire

What we wear greatly influences what people think of us. It’s common knowledge that humans are judgmental. While some people are judgmental consciously, most people aren’t. Most people don’t even realize that their opinions of others and how they treat them are largely based on what other people are wearing. After all, that’s why most job applicants work hard to look clean and put together.

So, how does style influence career changes? Well, style plays a huge role in career changes. The saying, “dress for the job you want” is true. If you want a certain job, you’re more inclined to obtain that job if you dress like you already have it. That being said, here are a few tips on how you can dress for the job you want!

  1. Choose Your Dream Career

First, you should choose your dream career. Do you dream of working in a professional industry, like business? Or, do you dream of working in a creative industry, like fashion? After all, you won’t be able to dress for the job you want if you don’t have a specific job in mind.

  1. Determine What is Appropriate

While you should dress for the job you want, you should also determine whether or not that attire is appropriate for your current position. For example, if you’re a bartender who dreams of becoming a business executive, it might look out of place if you’re wearing an expensive suit and tie to work. This doesn’t mean that you should give up dressing for the job you want. It just means you should determine what elements of your dream job you can incorporate into your current life. Going back to the bartender-executive example, you could make sure you’re groomed and opt for a nicer button-down t-shirt or polo with sleeker shorts and shiny shoes.

  1. Understand Business Casual and Professional

Your dream job will ultimately determine if business casual or business professional is more appropriate. Regardless of what your dream job entails, it’s important to understand the difference between business casual and business professional.

Business casual is obviously more casual than business professional. When dressing for a business casual job, you can get away with brighter colors and vibrant patterns. Ties are optional, and you don’t have to worry if you’re not wearing a cardigan or suit jacket. As for accessories, virtually anything is acceptable as long as it’s not too flashy. Lastly, almost any type of shoe is appropriate as long as it’s not a pair of heavy duty boots, slippers, or flip flops.

On the other hand, business professional has stricter requirements. Anything you wear should be black, white, tan, or a muted color. Suit jackets are always required, and suit pants or knee-length skirts and dresses should be worn. Ties are required, and only small tasteful jewelry is allowed. Finally, men have to wear dress shoes and women have to wear heels.

  1. Start Applying

Once you have determined your dream career, and are comfortable dressing for the job, start applying to jobs relevant to your dream career! Remember to look your best during the interview, and to brush up on your interviewing skills.