6 Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Windows and Doors

This is part 2 of a 3-part guest blogging series from Matt Wheeler, owner of All Seasons Window & Door Co. in Charlotte, NC. Check out Part 1 here!

Window and door replacement businesses are doing very well at the moment. Many people are getting on board with going green and others just want to change the look of their homes. Either way, these replacement companies are doing well and their customers are also smiling all the way. Replacing the windows and doors of your home is about more than just changing the look of the house. There are a few benefits of doing these replacements. Let’s have a look at the benefits:

1. More Energy Efficient

New windows and doors that seal properly are a very good investment. Windows that are double or triple-paned are even better and the door material can also be chosen with energy efficiency in mind. Well-sealed and insulated windows and doors will reduce your energy use because it reduces fluctuating hot and cold air in the house. It will reduce your use of cooling and heating systems and save you a lot of money.

2. Home Makeover

Replacing or sprucing up your windows and doors is like an instant makeover. The interior and exterior of your home will have a brand-new look and feel. There are so many windows and door options to choose from and the different finishes, trims, material, and grilles options can make anyone get the decorating bug. Replacing windows and doors can be costly, but might be the cheaper option when weighed against other home improvement costs.

3. Increases ReSale Value

New windows and doors will increase the value of your home and also increase its resale value. This is something to consider if you plan to move anytime soon. It could also be something to do before selling for just this reason. An energy-efficient home that looks good, will always be a popular one.

4. New Windows Prevent Fading

Technology is amazing and there are new developments in materials all the time. You can choose from different types and colors of glass for your windows. New and improved glass panes will stop the sun from fading and damaging your furniture, curtains, and clothes.

5. Increased Lighting

Natural light is good for your health and can make any home feel warm and comfy. It is also good for saving energy because the natural light heats the house during winter and also reduces the use of artificial lights. More natural light in the house will reduce your energy bill and make for a better atmosphere.

6. Privacy

Windows and doors are what keeps the people inside the house safe and gives them privacy. If your windows face onto a busy street, you can consider replacing them with windows that allow light in but does not allow people to see inside the house from the street. This is great for protecting your privacy.

All of these benefits make a compelling argument for replacing windows and doors. Apart from initial costs and a little discomfort during the installation process, it seems like a brilliant idea with much more benefits than drawbacks.