5 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Not Exist This Year

In the marketing world, nothing remains the same for a long while. Marketing trends change now and then. A strategy that worked well few years before might no longer work now. Here are some digital marketing trends that we won’t see this year.


Twitter is struggling, unlike Facebook and Snapchat. Now, Twitter’s share is 27.8% among the social media users. The number was higher before. It has made some changes recently like not taking into account the images and video within the 140 character limit. But this flexibility is not enough to get new users. About 300 jobs have been cut, and more cuts are expected in future.

Large banner ads

In the past, big banner ads used to appear on sites to distract you from what you were concentrating on. This trend is going away. The marketers are now concentrating on native advertising which is more effective in generating leads. This is due to the more use of mobile. The click rates on banner ads are very low in mobile. So, marketers are taking their attention away from these ads.

Stock images

Businesses now prefer more personalized photos and videos rather than stock images. The stock images don’t support the actual identity. It prevents users from connecting with brands that use it. Personalized images increase shares, likes and click through rates.

Fake reviews

Maximum people in the U.S. check online reviews before buying anything. According to a market study conducted in 2015, it is found that about 88% customers believe that online reviews are as important as personal recommendations. So, companies started giving fake reviews to take advantage of people’s mentality. Amazon started to file lawsuits against companies that published fake reviews. So, fake reviews will stop.

Pop-up ads

Google recently announced that websites that have too many pop-up ads would be penalized. Google has data that tells that people don’t like going to sites that have pop-up ads. So, if you remove pop-up ads, your ranking will be higher on Google search results pages.

You should keep these trends in mind before you develop your company’s marketing strategy for this year. You should be careful that you don’t lose customers by using the old ways of marketing.