4 Things that Can Set Your Window and Door Replacement Business Apart from Others

This is installment 3 of our series from Matt Wheeler, co-owner of All Seasons Window & Door Co. in Charlotte, NC. Click here to read part 2.

So, you have decided to start your own window and door replacement business because it is a lucrative business that offers many opportunities. You have done your research, got certified and licensed and now you’re ready to begin. With any new business, it is important to try and find something that separates you from your competitors. You need an edge or something that is unique.

Today, we offer you a few things to consider when deciding what would make your business stand out.

Your products are climate specific

If you can offer people windows and doors that cater for the specific climate of their location, you will have a great edge. You shouldn’t necessarily try to cater for all types of climates unless it is manageable. Start with focusing on the climate in your city or even your country. Find out what types of window frames, window panes, and door materials will be best for that climate. If the city is prone to heavy rains, floods, hurricanes or other such types of weather phenomena, use this as a selling point. You can advertise windows and doors that are specially made to withstand the specific climate.

Your products improve energy efficiency

Windows and doors that seal properly create good insulation and reduces energy use for temperature control. Use the Energy Star ratings as a guide and source materials and products that will make your business environmentally friendly and help your customer save energy.

You have an excellent knowledge about light exposure

It may not be the best idea to use all the same windows all around the house. Some windows are facing the sun and others not. This may be a good reason to use different types of windows. Some may need to be double paneled while others may need to be tinted. If you have a good knowledge of which window types and materials will be best in different areas of the house, your expertise will set you apart. You can offer a free consultation for window placement as part of your process and means to get clients hooked.

Be an expert in skylights

Another way to set yourself apart can be to specialize in installing skylight windows. People with attics or high roofs may benefit from a skylight that lets in more natural light. Skylights can change the whole look and feel of a home instantly. The natural and warm sunlight during the day and the view of the stars at night will be a wonderful addition to many homes. This could be a selling point, add-on, or main focus of your business.

Any of these things could make your window and door replacement business stand out. If you could combine some of these things, you may be even more successful. The key is to start small and focused and branch out as your business stabilizes.